Butt Plugs for Men and Women (All)

    Anal plugs (or butt plugs) can be a wonderful way of introducing anal play to your love life. We sell safe anal toys for men and women in many sizes and shapes to make it easier to experiment with new things in the bedroom. For anal play beginners, smaller plugs will be helpful. However, experienced users have many options to freshen things up.

    Picking the Best Anal Plug

    These are the main things to consider when looking for a buttplug:

    Size: When browsing butt plugs, pay attention to the size. There are many choices, including large plugs. Consider what is best for you. Toys that are too large can cause pain or make them unsafe to use. A smaller toy might provide the stimulation you need.

    Material: Buttplugs tend to be made from plastic, a jelly-texture rubber, or silicone. Each material has its pros and cons. It may be simpler to insert a soft material, while a more solid material could give stronger sensations. Faux fur is attached to the tails of butt plugs for an unusual appearance. Jeweled butt plugs give your back some sparkle. Before you buy an anal plug, think about your needs.

    Safety and Lube: Anal play needs lube to ensure comfortable movement and safe insertion. Make sure to order anal oil and use it each time you have sex with your anal toy. After each use, it is important to wash the butt plug according to manufacturer instructions.

    Reasons to Buy Butt Plugs from STFMAW

    For decades, we have helped people discover their erotic desires and have discovered a lot about how to keep them satisfied. These are just a few of the reasons you should shop with STFMAW.

    Our large inventory. Many sought-after butt plugs are available and ready for shipment.

    We are discreet. You’ll get your new anal toys in a plain package. No one needs to know about the fun you’re having.