When it comes to BDSM, crops tend to be quite popular. They are typically used on the recipient’s butt, though some people target the breasts, thighs, and other sensitive body parts. A majority of our crops have slender handles with small heads on the other side of the sex toy. The small head is what makes an impact on the designated target. The feeling of being struck by a crop can be compared to the impact of being struck by a paddle, though a crop is usually stronger. That is because it strikes a small surface area in comparison to a paddle. The giver should practice first on something material first in order to gauge their strength.

    Many of our crops are made with leather, both real and faux, though there are other materials to choose from. They also come in different sizes and colors – you are sure to find a BDSM crop in our collection that can accommodate your darkest fantasies.

    Bondage crops are intended to deliver stains that are quite sharp, but they can also be used to tease the targeted area gently. Ultimately, the strength of the giver will determine the impact the receiver feels once the crop is struck. We encourage those new to the world of bondage to begin with light taps before gradually making their way towards stronger impact strikes. This will not be a pleasurable experience until the body becomes familiar with what is pain and what is pleasure.