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Glass Dildos

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    Glass dildos can be described quite literally as dildos produced with glass materials. They provide a one-of-a-kind sensation to users. These anal toys happen to be very strong and are typically used to enhance sensation for individuals or couples.

    Glass dildos can be chilled by placing them inside a bowl containing ice-cold water. Doing so will provide the user with a chilling sensation once inserted. Glass dildos can also be heated up the same way using warm water instead of cold. Note – glass dildos should not be boiled. Turning the glass dildos hot or cold allows you to experiment with temperature play.

    You are encouraged to test out your choice of glass dildos onto a common body part – perhaps your arm – ahead of putting it anywhere near your private parts. Don’t forget that your genitals are more sensitive than other parts of your body. Refrain from placing glass dildos inside a microwave. Glass dildos should be handled with care – be mindful not to drop or throw these anal sex toys.

    You will often see intricate designs on designer glass dildos. Also of note – these types of anal toys tend to contain surfaces that are much firmer in comparison to other glass dildos. Some are entirely smooth, while others are ridged to enhance pleasure and sensation.