Mouth Masturbators

    Oral sex (a.k.a. a blow job) is something that every male enjoys. However, it takes two to tango, and not all girls and guys are into giving fellatio. This is where a mouth stroker can come in handy!

    A male masturbator shaped like a mouth can be described as a handheld device men use to achieve orgasm without the aid of a partner. These male masturbation toys have an opening in the shape of human lips, either male or female. The inside of these types of throat strokers that have nubs and ridges to stimulate the penis during your jerk-off session.

    Some of our mouth masturbators come with openings for bullet vibrators, which will intensify your male masturbation session even further. Others have vacuum chambers surrounding the penis, which creates a sucking simulation – no different than a man or woman’s mouth would feel!