Prostate Massagers and Stimulators

    Sometimes considered to be butt plugs for men, a prostate massager’s purpose involves prostate gland stimulation. Prostate glands are necessary for seminal fluid creation. Many people refer to a prostate gland as the P-spot (a play on the term G-spot).

    A stimulated prostate can make orgasms much more intense and make ejaculation more pleasurable. Some prostate stimulators come with large bulbous heads which rub the prostate directly. This results in optimized arousal. You’ll find prostate massagers in our catalog that have external stimulation features for those that want to take anal play even further.

    We encourage you to browse our collection of prostate massagers and stimulators. We have options for those new to prostate play, in addition to models for more experienced users. Whether you’re using a prostate massager as part of foreplay or during a masturbation session, these male sex toys will introduce you to sensations you likely didn’t even know existed.