Realistic Dildos

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    A realistic dildo can come in handy when your partner isn’t around. In such times, why not make your fantasies as realistic as possible? STFMAW has a wide variety of realistic dildos that can be used during intimacy with your partner, as well as during private masturbation sessions.

    Molded from real penises, you’ll often see lifelike testicles and veins on realistic dildos these days. Some come straight; others come curved. We have a large selection of realistic dildos models from popular porn stars. We also have a great selection of ejaculating dildos to make your money shot as authentic as possible.

    Many of our realistic dildos are made with materials like silicone, Cyberskin, and UR3, which makes their textures so lifelike. Realistic dildos are designed for both anal and vaginal penetration purposes. Check out our realistic dildos below and find one that is right for you!