Smooth and Slick Water-Based Lube: Long Lasting, Clear, 8oz
Smooth and Slick Water-Based Lube: Long Lasting, Clear, 8oz

Smooth and Slick Water-Based Lube: Long Lasting, Clear, 8oz

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Smooth and Slick Lubricant water based formula superior quality lubricant. 8 fluid ounces. Maximize your sensuous glide and slide actions with the Smooth and Slick Lubricant. The water based lubricant is slick and silky and provides superior coverage for long lasting pleasure and ecstasy. The easy to use lube is suitable for first time and experienced users, and perfect for spontaneous intimacy of the solo or couple’s kind. To enjoy prolonged and extended tantalizing pleasure apply a little lube and instantly upgrade your stimulating friction experience.

The sex lubricant is water-based and delivers superior lubricity. The formula is supplied in a generous 8 fluid ounces size transparent bottle with flip cap and is recommended for intensified intimate contact pleasure. The quality lube is also suitable for use with all types of adult toys. Increase your friction ecstasy by lubing up your love passages before indulging in wild hard and fast penetrative play. To increase your sensual satisfaction use the lubricant during every erotic encounter. Apply the correct amount of lube to your preferred super sensitive, sweet spot, and get ready to enjoy the ride of your life. The formula creates the perfect sliding and gliding action for easy and comfortable insertion. Use the lube for mind blowing vaginal intercourse and anal probing.

The sex lube can also be directly applied to toys, for precision stimulation satisfaction. Reapply as and when required. After intensified arousal and ultimate climax, wash the lube off with mild soapy water. For topical cosmetic use only. Directions: apply to the area you wish to lubricate. Formulation will reactivate if you apply a small amount of water.

Color Clear.

Features: phthalate free. 1 year warranty. Measurements/volume 8 fluid ounces.

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